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By Vivian | August 23, 2018

Videos Collection: A Close Look At Types of Souvenirs

Recently, Logoson has released a series of product videos to customers.

Take a look! You can learn more details of the products as well as get some inspirations on what you can make as souvenirs or company promotional gifts. 

1. Get to know about how souvenirs are manufactured:

Logoson factory
(Click for Souvenir Factory Video)

2. Check to know more about what souvenirs Logoson are manufacturing:

Logoson Souvenirs 
(Click for Video About All Souvenirs from Logoson)
3. Looking for personalized keychains? Here are some designs for your reference!

(Click for ​Logoson Keychains Video)
4. Types of fridge magnets from Logoson, including metal magnets, polyresin magnets, foil paper printing magnets, tinplate magnets, etc.
5. The custom badges from Logoson. It's time to decorate your clothes. 
Pin badges
6. Types of fridge magnets can be customized from Logoson, may it metal, epoxy, polyresin, rubber, or tinplate magnets. 

Epoxy magnet

7. Looking for bottle openers? Here are some metal bottle openers from Logoson. 


8. Many designs and shapes of dinner bell souvenirs. Welcome to custom your own bells.
(Click Video of Dinner Bell Souvenirs)

Customize Souvenirs

Need to custom some special souvenirs that only belong to you? Send us your artworks or tell us your ideas today! High quality, good prices & free designs guaranteed!

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