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By Vivian | March 13, 2024

Logoson Passed the Sedex Members Ethical Trade Audit

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Logoson, a leading factory in China specializing in custom tourist souvenirs, has recently achieved a significant milestone by passing the Sedex members ethical trade audit. This audit is a rigorous assessment of a company's ethical practices, including labor rights, health and safety standards, and environmental impact. By successfully completing this audit, Logoson has demonstrated its commitment to upholding high ethical standards in its operations.

The factory produces a wide range of custom tourist souvenirs, including keychains, magnets, bottle openers, ashtrays, plates, and more, for clients around the world. With this certification, customers can be assured that the products they purchase from Logoson are ethically produced and sourced.

Logoson's successful completion of the Sedex ethical trade audit is a significant achievement that highlights the factory's dedication to responsible and ethical business practices. As a trusted manufacturer of tourist souvenirs, Logoson continues to set a high standard for the industry and inspire others to prioritize ethical sourcing and manufacturing.

logoson sedex audit report

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