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By Vivian | May 30, 2023

The Best New York Souvenirs: 12 Ideas to Get Started

Going to New York & no idea for best New York souvenirs?
New York is one of the most visited cities in the world. As such, it’s no surprise there’s a load of stores selling New York souvenirs to tourists everywhere in the city. Here I gather together some New York souvenirs ideas to help take home from your travels. 

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  1. Souvenirs Don’t Have to Be Bought in A Shop

One of top souvenir tips is to participate in a local activity and the souvenir really just becomes part of the experience.
For some happy moments, they can be the best memories even though you’ve left the city for years. Besides, take plenty of photos when you’re in the NYC. Put them on a DVD or hard drive so that you can view them on a big screen TV. Unique New York souvenirs that only belong to you!
  1. Buy Something That You Know You’ll Use

When I buy souvenirs for myself, I prefer to buy something that I know I will use.
For example, you can get a polyreisn fridge magnet, which can be fridge decoration as well as thermometer. Or, choose some nail clippers, pin badges, paintings, vintage bottle opener and dinner bells are all good choices.

3. Bring Home Some USA Food

NYC is well known for a lot of things, and New York food is certainly one of them.
This city has no lack in amazing food options. A lot of world-famous places are waiting for you, such as, CHELSEA MARKET, Eleven Madison Park, Blue Hill at Stone Barns, Peter Luger Steak House, etc.
For a sweet remembrance of your time in New York, pick up a bar or two by Brooklyn’s favorite artisanal bean-to-bar chocolatiers. Award-winning pastry chef Christina Tosi turns out famously quirky-but-addictive treats like crack pie, compost cookies, and cake truffles. 
  1. Wander in American Supermarkets

I always come home with a pile of supermarket souvenirs from any country I visit. But when I come to New York, I make sure to take a half empty suitcase. There are many USA supermarkets in this city. Go there, and you’ll find some special things as souvenirs there.
  1. Bargain Hunt Like a Local in Streets

There are many stores that sell souvenirs in Times Square. All around Times Square are shops that sell the "I (heart) NY" T-shirts, six for $10. They make nice little gifts for family and friends.
If you want something a bit more original, the gift shop at the UN has some neat stuff. I got a few magnets there. It's fun to check out some of the kitchier shops in the Village.
For classic music lovers, maybe you can go to the Academy Records and CDs, the NYC's largest purchaser of music and movie collections
  1. Special Crafts on Amazing NY “Skyline”

A lot of interesting or special crafts can be found in the city. It is recommended to get some in the theme of New York Skyline. You know, I mean the high-rise buildings concentrated in Midtown and Lower Manhattan, such as, One World Trade Center, 432 Park Avenue, Empire State Building, Bank of America Tower, etc. The Manhattan skyline is one of the world’s most iconic views, inspiring photographers and filmmakers for generations.

  1. Free Public Transportation Items

Wherever I went, I like collect the tickets stubs of the shows and attractions I went, the maps, metro cards, museum maps, panflets, etc. In New York, you can also try to bring back your subway or bus maps. Believe or not, thet can make a great scrapbook.
  1. Take Something Related to Yankees

Yankees is one of the most popular team for local people as well as tourists. The Yankees Clubhouse Shop Times Square is the place for Yankees fans. If you or your friends are also interested in it, go and shopping there!
  1. Strolls for Blockbuster Film Back Scenes

For movie fans, New York is the Paradise. Wandering around the city, you’ll possibly pass by famous places in blockbusters.
The bench in Central Park, for example, is a place you can see in many Woody Allen’s films, such as, Annie Hall, Bullets Over Broadway, etc.
Audrey Hepburn, always top of any list of the most elegant women, plays in Breakfast at Tiffany's, making Tiffany a place for New York visitors.
  1. Artistic Souvenirs from MoMA

Many museums can be found in New York. Some of them are must-visit locations for New York visitors, say, Metropolitan Museum of Art, Guggenheim, Frick Collection, etc. All of the museums sell souvenirs and lots more "unique to NYC" things as well, that are pretty nice. If you plan to visit any museums then check out their stores.
MoMA, short of the Museum of Modern Art, is an ideal place for any art lover, but it’s also home to a great gift shop for those looking to procure some uniquely New York souvenirs. Take a visit to artistic gift shop, known especially for its stunning collection of artisan holiday cards.
  1. Get Something from Broadway Show & Country Clubs

No visit to the City is complete without experiencing the rousing entertainment available in Midtown Manhattan’s Theatre District No visit to the City is complete without experiencing the rousing entertainment available in Midtown Manhattan’s Theatre District.
If it’s summer, after the show watching, you may have the chance to see the Boardway flea market. Many precious items from performing company will be shown there, such as, signed poster, records of actors, related T-shirts, etc.
Another recommendation is the Bemelman club in Manhattan. You can see the hand drawings of Ludwig Bemelman on the wall. 
  1. Festival Souvenirs, Like Christmas Decorations, Halloween Items

For some visitors, they choose to visit the city when festivals are coming. Try your luck if you’re exact on platform F for an eight-coach retro train, which may remind you those golden times. As tourist, you can bring back some souvenirs, such as, Christmas snow ball decorations, pumpkin theme items, etc. 

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